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Les Hooper – Composer and Arranger

November 4th, 2005
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In the Fat Jazz big band (in which I play piano), one of the tunes we are working on is called Poppin’ Fresh by Les Hooper. It turns out that Les Hooper is a prolific composer and arranger who also does work for TV, Movies, Cartoons, Commercials, and more. His web site has some incredible and amazing sounds samples. If you don’t have time to surf around, just listen to his Cartoon track (click here) and you’ll get an idea of his amazing composing skill!

It’s actually my dream to one day write music for movies and TV. I’ve been slowly putting together a portfolio. Click here to listen to a one minute orchestral intro that I wrote for a friend’s indie movie. Also listen to my Piece of Quiet composition (click here) which I think is very suitable for an emotional climax to some kind of romantic movie.