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Colin Pombo – Yoga Poses

October 7th, 2008
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Kind Selekta digital boutique writes:

With a swing comparable to an early down tempo Marc de Clive Lowe joint, Colin Pombo’s “Yoga Poses” leads you through an open minded meditation session of well colored chord patterns swirling around thoughtfully poised rhythmic snaps.

Reminiscent of the past’s Curtis Mayfield or today’s Jeremy Ellis, ‘Yoga Poses’ sets the mood with a soul inspired falsetto that softens perceptions with relaxed intentions, Supported by a rich sturdy bass like that of a Pariss Clemons slow jam, and layers that seem to be transported here from a classic 45, this track is sure to warm any room into a head noddin’ swing as the mind and hips are gently pressed forward in the same motion.

I downloaded Colin’s track from the site (click here) and am enjoying it… Colin has put a grooving bass line and warm electro-keyboard chords together with some soulful vocals and plenty of textures and layers to reward repeated listening.

I paid for the track using Paypal, and it was through a British company (Kind Selekta) so it came out to 1.64 GBP (British pounds), which worked out to $3.28 CAD after fees and exchange rates. I was a bit hesitant at first, being able to buy whole mainstream albums through for around $10 CAD, but I’m glad I made the exception and supported an independent artist.

Both Kind Selekta and Puretracks are now selling non-DRM MP3’s, meaning I can copy the MP3’s to listen on my cell phone, in the car CD player, on my work computer, and in my living room! I think this is a welcome trend in the music business: companies are realizing that people don’t want to pay for music with restrictions on their freedom to play it on various devices.

My recommendation: check out Colin Pombo’s track, Yoga Poses!

Colin also has a Myspace page (click here) with a free sample and more info.