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25 Random things about me

February 6th, 2009
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So this random 25 things post is going around Facebook and I thought I’d give it a whurl….

1. my favorite movie is Lost in Translation
2. I love sushi and my favorite restaurant in the whole world (yes!) is Sushi Town in Burnaby
3. I like being creative and creating!
4. I make my living as a software developer
5. I enjoy working at SAP BusinessObjects… smart, motivated people, interesting projects, career growth
6. I don’t play basketball but kind of wish I did, cause of my height
7. I enjoy running (mainly along the seawall), and will go in a few races this year
8. I am passionate about music and playing piano.
9. I get inspired to write music about certain people or events in my life.
10. I hope to get my new jazz CD duplicated next month, of my piano trio.
11. I don’t consider myself a food or music snob, more like an enthusiast.
12. I also enjoy food photography and am going to have a couple photos published in enRoute magazine
13. I was at SFU for 6 years. Good times!
14. I think the real world can be scary sometimes. Especially mortgages!
15. I am currently seeing someone and am in love.
16. I get really excited about travelling!
17. I don’t have cable tv at home
18. In grade 10 English class I read aloud the part of Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. I really like reading aloud and sometimes wish I could be on the radio!! Maybe I’ll start a podcast.
19. I recently got a video camera and have been making food and music videos. It’s fun but I have a lot to learn about video.
20. I am kind of allergic to li-chee nuts.
21. I love Vancouver and all the awesome people I know here!!
22. I am generally a pretty happy person.
23. I probably spend too much time on the computer, but it’s a window into the world for me.
24. I like hiking and I really want to go on some more hikes around the Lower mainland this year.
25. I am looking forward to the future!