Month: June 2009

  • Joy Spring – another practice

    I did another practice, for about 50 minutes, on the tune Joy Spring by Clifford Brown. I’m mainly trying to work on the technique of my right hand. This melody has a lot of notes and runs in different keys, and is almost like some kind of classical “study” piece. I have also noticed that […]

  • I Got Rhythm jazz piano practice

    I practiced for about 25 minutes on the jazz standard I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin. I haven’t worked on this tune much before, and it’s a commonly played tune at jam sessions so I thought I’d learn it a bit more. Click here to listen to my practice of I Got Rhythm.

  • Piano Practice: Afternoon In Paris and Solar

    I did about an hour of practicing on the tunes Afternoon in Paris by John Lewis and Solar by Miles Davis. In my improvising I did specific exercises to strengthen my fourth and fifth finger on my right hand because this is currently my weakness. It’s amazing how many possible motions there are with the […]

  • Piano Practice: Afternoon In Paris and Days of Wine and Roses

    I did a short practice today on the jazz tunes “Afternoon in Paris” and the “Days of Wine and Roses”. Click here to listen in midi format.

  • Moonlight in Vermont – Gio Escueta vocals and Geoff Peters piano

    My friend, singer songwriter Gio Escueta, dropped by my place today and we recorded a performance of the jazz standard Moonlight in Vermont. It’s a really beautiful and romantic jazz ballad. Hope you enjoy it! Watch: On Youtube, on Listen: Mp3 or use the video player below. Check out Gio’s youtube channel for more […]

  • Three practices in one day – Joy Spring and Technique

    I had a nice Saturday without very many activities planned so I had time to practice quite a bit of piano. I first practiced about 20 minutes in the morning before breakfast, then I practiced in the afternoon for about 40 minutes, and about another hour late at night before going to bed. I worked […]

  • Piano Practice recording – jazz standard Joy Spring, Autumn Leaves, and technique

    I practiced the piano for about an hour today, in two different sessions. The first session was about 20 minutes. I am working on getting my technique flowing again and learning the jazz standard Joy Spring by Clifford Brown. I also did a bit of improvised accompaniment to myself singing Autumn Leaves. Click here to […]

  • Live Jazz Recording – Geoff Peters Trio at Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

    Last weekend I played a couple of gigs with my band, the Geoff Peters Trio, and we recorded one of them using my Minidisk player and my camcorder. The band is myself on piano, Mark White on bass, and Greg Murray on drums, and we were performing at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver. You can […]

  • Three Little Bops – awesome jazz cartoon

    I stumbled upon a wonderfully jazzy and funny Looney Tunes cartoon video, thanks to my Facebook friend and jazz singer Jennifer Scott! From the Wikipedia article on this cartoon (click here to view): Three Little Bops is a 1957 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Friz Freleng, with voices by Stan Freberg and music by jazz […]

  • Practice recordings – Tune Up by Miles Davis and Triste by Antonio Carlos Jobim

    A couple more practice recordings to share: Tune Up by Miles Davis, practice no. 4 First time reading through the tune Triste by Antonio Carlos Jobim (about a 10 minute practice, before I had listened to the original recording) Here is one of the original recordings of Triste (click here to view on Imeem) or […]