Category: Practice Recordings

  • Piano Practice: Lucky Southern and Alice in Wonderland

    Tonight I did a short practice where I ran once through the tune Lucky Southern (Keith Jarrett) but didn’t really work on it, and then played Alice in Wonderland (composed by Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain) for a bit. Feel free to listen to my practice in Midi format by clicking below. Lucky Southern and…

  • You Don’t Know What Love Is (Practice and Vocals)

    I worked on practicing the beautiful but sad tune, “You Don’t Know What Love Is”. Click here to listen to my practice on piano midi format. Click here to listen to me sing and play the piece (Mp3 format). I am going to work a lot on my singing from now on, because I would…

  • Practice – lots of stuff

    some-work-on-stuff.mid – worked on some standards as well as composed a new original tune (click here to listen to my new tune, American Video Game).

  • Nice practice

    > simone-joy-alice-in-wonderland.mid Fingers are getting stronger!!

  • Two Practices Today

    Because two practices are better than one practice! 🙂  Earlier in the day I worked a bit on the tune “Sophisticated Lady” – this is a really beautiful standard. sophisticated-lady.mid  Then before bed I worked more on the tune ‘Simone’. I am finally starting to get it. This one is a difficult piece; I’ve done…

  • Alice in Wonderland and Close Your Eyes

    I worked a bit on two great jazz standards, Alice in Wonderland and Close Your Eyes. I did this practice by ear, without any chord charts (although I previously saw chord charts for these pieces a long time ago). Check out Marian Mcpartland’s piano jazz interview with Bruce Hornsby for a great version of Close…

  • More practice on Simone and a little bit of “All of Me”

    This is a really hard tune! (Simone) I find the melody challenging to play because my technique is still not what it once was (and will yet be, I am certain!:)  It’s also so different harmonically from the other tunes that I know in my head. Please click below to listen: simone5.mid

  • More work on Simone

    Please click below to listen: simone2.mid

  • Simone by Frank Foster – practice session

    This is a great tune. Taken from Elvin Jones – Coalition (I haven’t heard that CD but I believe I heard Lee Morgan on a CD playing this). Click below to listen: simone.mid

  • Practice – Brad Mehldau tune, some standards

    Worked on a Brad Mehldau tune that I tried to remember from a CD, and also played a bunch of standards – Voyage, the Nearness of You, Alice in Wonderland. Please click below to listen: brad-mehldau-tune-and-alice-in-wonderland.mid