Sybaritic String Band (new recording and upcoming events)

One of my favorite bands that I am fortunate to play in is the Sybaritic String Band (see our website by clicking here). The band features Brian Hayden on fiddle, Rich Sobel (fiddle, mandolin, percussion), Barry Cole (mandolin, guitar, banjo, harmonica) and myself (Geoff Peters) on piano.

From our web site:

The Sybaritic String Band is famous for their high energy renditions of fiddle tunes from North American and Celtic traditions.

We recently spent a day doing some self-produced recordings, and had a great time. I wanted to share with you, my friends of the Interwebs, a little preview of the recording that is to come. Please enjoy, and note that the track is just a work in progress.

> Camel’s Hump, Elzic’s Farewell, and Hunting the Buffalo – MP3 time 6:59 (Sybaritic String Band)

If you like what you hear, imagine a room full of happy people dancing together in Contradance style (with a caller and moves such as “swing your partner” and “long lines forward and back”).

We have a dance series in Vancouver the first Saturday of every month at St. James Hall in Kitsilano, and everyone is welcome (there is a lesson for beginners starting at 7:45pm and the dance starts at 8pm).

More info is on our web site.

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