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  • New Recording – Geoff and Angela “Casta Diva”

    My friend, singer and songwriter Angela Molineux and I recorded another song last night, “Casta Diva”. It’s an emotional song that blends the genres of pop and classical in the form of “classical crossover”. For more info you can check out Angela’s myspace page here. Casta Diva composed by Angela M. and Geoff P. words…

  • ol creeper – original piano song by Geoff Peters

    I wrote a short tune this evening – it’s more like a sketch or vignette, and it’s called “Ol Creeper”. Hope you enjoy it. I was in a pretty mellow mood when I wrote this song! Watch: On Youtube Listen: In Mp3, Midi Learn: PDF Lead Sheet or use the embedded player below. Cheers, Geoff

  • Ambrose Akinmusire – Trapped in a Dream

    I discovered an amazing track entitled Trapped in a Dream by jazz trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire. In this article on San Francisco Bay Area jazz musicians, David Rubien writes: Akinmusire – a graduate of Berkeley High School’s renowned jazz program with degrees from the Manhattan School of Music, the University of Southern California and the Monk…

  • Jazz Piano Practice – Lee Morgan’s Ceora and some technique

    I did another practice on the tune Ceora by Lee Morgan as well as some technique (major scales, practiced slowly and at different speeds to build strength and evenness). Practice recorded in Midi format, available below: ceora and some technique.mid

  • Short Jazz Piano Practice on Lee Morgan’s Ceora

    I did a short practice before going to bed on the tune Ceora by Lee Morgan. Feel free to cick below to listen in Midi format. > Ceora practice (tune by Lee Morgan) – jazz piano practice by Geoff Peters Midi file

  • Piano Practice on Lee Morgan’s Ceora (and the original Lee Morgan recording)

    On of the tracks that I have been listening to on my cell phone lately is Lee Morgan‘s tune Ceora (you can listen to the recording on Imeem by clicking here or by using the player below). Jazztrumpetsolos.com has a transcription of Lee Morgan’s solo on Ceora. Ceora – Lee Morgan Anyways, tonight I practiced…

  • Piano Practice: Lucky Southern and Alice in Wonderland

    Tonight I did a short practice where I ran once through the tune Lucky Southern (Keith Jarrett) but didn’t really work on it, and then played Alice in Wonderland (composed by Bob Hilliard and Sammy Fain) for a bit. Feel free to listen to my practice in Midi format by clicking below. Lucky Southern and…

  • New Composition: Misha’s Song

    Last summer I attended the Victoria Conservatory’s jazz workshop and one of the highlights was taking some classes with New York jazz pianist Misha Piatigorsky. One of the exercises of the composition class involved making up some chords to a melody, and can you believe it, the song from that exercise is still stuck in…

  • Article: How Jazz Pianists Practice

    Jazz pianist Ted Rosenthal has put together a very detailed and comprehensive web page on “How Jazz Pianists Practice” (click here to read). He also posted an interview between himself and Keith Jarrett, and an article about how to incorporate Mozart idioms into jazz playing. More about Ted Rosenthal on his web site.

  • Geoff’s Piano Practice recordings

    After receiving some “fan mail” from a girl in Japan, I decided to make an update to my Piano Practice page, where I post recordings of my piano practices. Listening to some of them, I came across a “killer” practice (well, as practices go anyways), where I developed many cool ideas and worked on lots…