Tag: technique

  • Piano Practice – Joy Spring

    I did another short piano practice on the jazz song Joy Spring by Clifford Brown. It’s more like a warm up really. Click here to listen to my short practice on the Clifford Brown tune Joy Spring.

  • Miles Davis “Tune Up” – Practice #2

    I practiced for about 45 minutes on learning the song “Tune Up” by Miles Davis. This is my second practice learning the song and I seem to have got it pretty much in my head. One part that I am finding tricky is soloing over the first 2-5-1 progression (Emi7, A7, DMaj7). I am not…

  • Jazz Piano Practice – Lee Morgan’s Ceora and some technique

    I did another practice on the tune Ceora by Lee Morgan as well as some technique (major scales, practiced slowly and at different speeds to build strength and evenness). Practice recorded in Midi format, available below: ceora and some technique.mid