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  • Practice recordings – Tune Up by Miles Davis and Triste by Antonio Carlos Jobim

    A couple more practice recordings to share: Tune Up by Miles Davis, practice no. 4 First time reading through the tune Triste by Antonio Carlos Jobim (about a 10 minute practice, before I had listened to the original recording) Here is one of the original recordings of Triste (click here to view on Imeem) or […]

  • Watch Geoff performing “Tune Up” by Miles Davis

    I made a video of myself performing the song Tune Up by Miles Davis. Feel free to watch on Youtube by clicking here, or use the player below. It was the first take, and I think that some of the ideas I came up with are pretty interesting. Also check out Daniel Muniz (guitar) performing […]

  • Miles Davis “Tune Up” – Practice #2

    I practiced for about 45 minutes on learning the song “Tune Up” by Miles Davis. This is my second practice learning the song and I seem to have got it pretty much in my head. One part that I am finding tricky is soloing over the first 2-5-1 progression (Emi7, A7, DMaj7). I am not […]

  • New Jazz Piano Practice – Tune Up by Miles Davis

    I did about a 45 minute practice tonight, learning the tune “Tune Up” by Miles Davis. It is a deceptively simple tune that seems like it will be great to solo over once I really learn it. I finished the practice by playing some scales. Finally I am getting some of the strength back in […]