Brad Mehldau with Renee Fleming (NPR free recording)

NPR has made available a free online recording of jazz pianist Brad Mehldau performing with mezzo-soprano Renee Fleming in the Creators at Carnegie series.
Click here to view the concert details, and then click the “Listen to the Concert” link that appears below the title on that page. It’s wonderful that NPR has made this music available for free. Here is the concert playlist:

Creators at Carnegie
Brad Mehldau with Renee Fleming

In Concert at Zankel Hall

“Lithium” (Cobain)

“Things Behind the Sun” (Drake)

“River Man” (Drake)

WORLD PREMIERE: Songs from The Book of Hours: Love Poems to God (Mehldau/Words by Rainer Maria Rilke)


III. “I Love the Dark Hours of My Being” (Mehldau/Words by Rilke)

IV. “I Love You, Gentlest of Ways” (Mehldau/Words by Rilke)

VII. “Extinguish My Eyes, I’ll Go on Seeing You” (Mehldau/Words by Rilke)

Break: Intro (Mehldau) from the album Live in Tokyo

In Concert at Zankel Hall

“How Long Has This Been Going On?” (Gershwin)

“But Beautiful” (Burke/Van Heusen)

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