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Geoff Peters performs An Afternoon in Paris (jazz) on solo piano

May 24th, 2010
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A couple weeks ago I made a video of myself performing the jazz standard An Afternoon in Paris by John Lewis.

I performed solo piano on my upright acoustic Petrof piano. It’s available below or on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy it!

other links:

  • Listen to different versions of this song at Grooveshark. I especially like the renditions by Sonny Rollins and Cedar Walton.
  • My jazz band in Vancouver, the Geoff Peters Trio, has a new CD which is available for free listening on our website.


Ear Training Lesson – key of C Major and the Diatonic System

May 24th, 2010
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My friend Marcus Emmanuel Barnes and I created a new musical ear training video as part of the series of lessons we’re making on

This week’s video is about the “Diatonic System” in music, which is where you can play a lot of different types of chords and melodies, all within one key. To keep things simple we stick to the key of C Major.

Hope you enjoy it and find the lesson useful.

Additional links:


Jam session recording: Geoff Peters and Gustavo Lacerda

April 3rd, 2010
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I had a music jam today with my friend Gustavo. He is multi-talented and plays many instruments. Today he brought along his violin.

You can grab the Mp3’s we made here, or use the players below!

Minor Swing
(folk music style swing tune with violin and piano)

Upbeat Evil Castle
(violin, synth (i)pad, synth bass, Latin drum samples)

Please note that Upbeat Evil Castle has been agreed on by the composers Gustavo and Geoff to allow Geoff to use the song in his videos on and

Tetris Theme played on Violin with piano, and some Gypsy songs improvized.


Live gig recording: Julian N. and Geoff Peters (alto sax and piano jazz duet)

November 4th, 2009
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I played piano at a wedding with my friend Julian N., a saxophonist and composer. Julian is a student at Humber College in Toronto. You can view his myspace page by clicking here.

Here is a track listing with links to the individual videos:

If you’d like to download MP3’s of the concert (free) you can get them from here.

With Julian’s permission I used my minidisc unit to record the audio from our performance. There is quite a bit of background noise from the wedding guests’ conversation, but in the recordings you can hear both of us quite clearly.

I also set up my Sony Camcorder in the corner and video-taped our performance too. There was very low light, so you can barely make us out in the video, but it gives more context to the audio to be able to see us perform too.

At this wedding, we performed a selection of mainstream jazz standards in a duo style. Probably my biggest inspiration for the saxophone-piano duo format is the legendary combination of Stan Getz (saxophone) and Kenny Barron (piano). Another inspiration for rhythmic ideas has been the mighty pianist Chick Corea and his duets with the one and only voice artist Bobby Mcferrin (such as their killer performance of Autumn Leaves).

So without further ado, here’s our complete performance (except for the last song we played, Confirmation by Charlie Parker, where we got interrupted by some DJ music).

Hope you enjoy! I hope that these performances will give you some ideas or inspiration for your own journeys in jazz and music in general.

Further listening: I performed one of Julian’s original compositions with the college band at the Phil Dwyer Academy of Music and Culinary Arts (PDAMCA) last August.


Ear Training Video on Identifying Chords

September 26th, 2009
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My friend Marcus and I created an ear training video on identifying chords. It’s available at EarPractice, on Youtube, or by using the player below.

In the video I play a series of chords on the piano and after each one, pause for the viewer to identify the kind of chord (such as Major, minor, dominant-seventh) and the key (such as C, A, etc), before revealing the answer. This is a useful exercise and is something you can do with a friend too, once you get the idea.


Concert video: pegEsus Quintet live at Hermann’s Jazz Club

September 5th, 2009
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pegEsus Quintet Live at Hermanns Jazz Club (poster by Oliver Brooks))

pegEsus Quintet Live at Hermann's Jazz Club (poster by Oliver Brooks)

Back in August I performed a show with the pegEsus Quintet at Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victoria.

pegEsus is led by vocalist Peggy Hogan, who is currently studying music and literature at Concordia University.

The pegEsus Quintet is: Peggy Hogan voice, Geoff Peters piano, Ben Fast bass, Nick Houghton drums, and Amanda Paterson saxophone.

I recorded the show using my Minidisc recorder and camcorder, and put together the whole thing online as a series of Youtube videos.

Here is a set list and links to the individual videos:

Set 1:

Set 2:

  • Twisted by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross


New Jazz Trio Album Done

February 11th, 2006
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Some exciting news: our new jazz trio CD is done, thanks to excellent mixing and mastering work by Alan Wong Moon.

You can listen to it online here. I’ve added a Donation button to that page, and we would appreciate donations if you enjoy the music.

By putting the whole album online, and then providing a donations button, I am hoping that people who discover and enjoy our music would like to support us by giving a donation. It’s 100% secure, and accepts credit cards, thanks to Paypal.


Brad Mehldau with Renee Fleming (NPR free recording)

September 6th, 2005
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NPR has made available a free online recording of jazz pianist Brad Mehldau performing with mezzo-soprano Renee Fleming in the Creators at Carnegie series.
Click here to view the concert details, and then click the “Listen to the Concert” link that appears below the title on that page. It’s wonderful that NPR has made this music available for free. Here is the concert playlist:

Creators at Carnegie
Brad Mehldau with Renee Fleming

In Concert at Zankel Hall

“Lithium” (Cobain)

“Things Behind the Sun” (Drake)

“River Man” (Drake)

WORLD PREMIERE: Songs from The Book of Hours: Love Poems to God (Mehldau/Words by Rainer Maria Rilke)


III. “I Love the Dark Hours of My Being” (Mehldau/Words by Rilke)

IV. “I Love You, Gentlest of Ways” (Mehldau/Words by Rilke)

VII. “Extinguish My Eyes, I’ll Go on Seeing You” (Mehldau/Words by Rilke)

Break: Intro (Mehldau) from the album Live in Tokyo

In Concert at Zankel Hall

“How Long Has This Been Going On?” (Gershwin)

“But Beautiful” (Burke/Van Heusen)


Free Online Book – Digital Sound Processing

May 1st, 2005
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My friend Sigal pointed me to a very good (but very technical) free online book on the topic of digital sound processing (click here). It explains (in very technical terms) such things as how the human ear works, and how humans are able to tell the direction that a sound originates from (i.e. “Spatial Sound Perception“). Regarding pitch perception, it says:

So far, we have described pitch phenomena referring to the position of haircells that get excited along the basilar membrane. Indeed, the place theory of hearing is not sufficient to explain the accuracy of pitch perception and some intriguing effects such as the virtual pitch.