Category: Practice Recordings

  • Ben and Geoff jazz jam – August 16 2015

    I jammed with my friend Ben again today. Here are a few rough recordings from our jam. Bye Bye Blackbird:   Jam with Jew’s Harp, Trumpet, and Synth:   There Will Never Be Another You:   Ben H – Trumpet, Jew’s Harp Geoff P – Electric piano

  • Jam session recording: Geoff Peters and Gustavo Lacerda

    I had a music jam today with my friend Gustavo. He is multi-talented and plays many instruments. Today he brought along his violin. You can grab the Mp3’s we made here, or use the players below! Minor Swing (folk music style swing tune with violin and piano) Upbeat Evil Castle (violin, synth (i)pad, synth bass,…

  • Practice: On Green Dolphin Street and Lush Life (learning by ear)

    Here are two short piano practices I did in the last couple of days. The first one I am practicing the jazz standard On Green Dolphin Street, and in the second one I am working on learning the Billy Strayhorn tune Lush Life by ear. I have listened to Lush Life a lot of times,…

  • Piano Practice – Joy Spring

    I did another short piano practice on the jazz song Joy Spring by Clifford Brown. It’s more like a warm up really. Click here to listen to my short practice on the Clifford Brown tune Joy Spring.

  • Joy Spring and On Green Dolphin Street piano practice

    I did about a 45 minute practice on the tunes Joy Spring and On Green Dolphin Street. I have been practicing quite a bit lately and it seems my fingers are in pretty good shape (but my technique could always be better). In the last part of the practice I mainly worked on getting a…

  • Another Practice on Joy Spring

    I practiced over an hour on the tune Joy Spring by Clifford Brown, as well as some technique. I am using the melody of this tune like a study exercise for working on my technique. Click here to listen to my practice of Joy Spring in Midi format.

  • Joy Spring – another practice

    I did another practice, for about 50 minutes, on the tune Joy Spring by Clifford Brown. I’m mainly trying to work on the technique of my right hand. This melody has a lot of notes and runs in different keys, and is almost like some kind of classical “study” piece. I have also noticed that…

  • I Got Rhythm jazz piano practice

    I practiced for about 25 minutes on the jazz standard I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin. I haven’t worked on this tune much before, and it’s a commonly played tune at jam sessions so I thought I’d learn it a bit more. Click here to listen to my practice of I Got Rhythm.

  • Piano Practice: Afternoon In Paris and Solar

    I did about an hour of practicing on the tunes Afternoon in Paris by John Lewis and Solar by Miles Davis. In my improvising I did specific exercises to strengthen my fourth and fifth finger on my right hand because this is currently my weakness. It’s amazing how many possible motions there are with the…

  • Piano Practice: Afternoon In Paris and Days of Wine and Roses

    I did a short practice today on the jazz tunes “Afternoon in Paris” and the “Days of Wine and Roses”. Click here to listen in midi format.