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  • Song of the Week – Hit By A Cement Mixer, Ninjaspy

    I decided I am going to start a “Song of the Week” on this blog. Every week I will post a blog about a new song that I have found that I think is really great. There will be links to where you can listen to the song online and also purchase it. The first […]

  • Chassidic Jazz Project – combining Jewish music and jazz

    Drummer Reuben Hoch leads a group called the Chassidic Jazz Project, which combines traditional Jewish music with jazz and classical influences. On their web site, Hoch describes two different audiences which can appreciate this music: Those completely at home in the world of Jewish music appreciate the group’s new perspective of classic Jewish music. On […]

  • The Smokes – Rock band from Vancouver

    The Smokes, an indie country/rock band from Vancouver BC, have just posted three full length MP3 tracks on their web site. I saw these guys perform at the Pic pub last Friday night and they are great! (I should mention that I am now their webmaster so I may be a bit biased. But do […]

  • Concert Review: Radiohead in Vancouver

    Saw the Radiohead concert at Thunderbird Stadium. Nice lighting effects, although I am not a big fan of Radiohead I thought some of their electronic sounds were interesting. At times they would build up a wall of dense sound that is hard to penetrate and hear anything worthwhile. And it was my first experience at […]