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New Composition – Wild Thing (by Geoff Peters)

October 24th, 2009
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Today I wrote a new song: it’s called “Wild Thing” and is inspired by the movie Where the Wild Things Are. Click here to download the song or feel free to use the player above to listen.

To watch me perform the song, check out this Ear Training Video we made, where I explain how to play the Minor 7th interval (a key part of this song!). The performance of Wild Thing is at the end of the video.

The ear training video on intervals is part of, a website that I created with my friend Marcus Emmanuel Barnes.


Alan Barnes – saxophonist and composer from the UK

December 2nd, 2003
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Alan Barnes, a saxophone player and composer from the UK, has written a “Sherlock Holmes Suite”, which includes tunes such as Watson’s Women- (Portrait Of Mary Morstan) – “A jazz waltz look at Watson’s wives, M.M in particular and his ‘experience of women which extends over many nations and three separate continents'”. Check out Alan’s biography and web site.