New Composition – Wild Thing (by Geoff Peters)

Today I wrote a new song: it’s called “Wild Thing” and is inspired by the movie Where the Wild Things Are. Click here to download the song or feel free to use the player above to listen.

To watch me perform the song, check out this Ear Training Video we made, where I explain how to play the Minor 7th interval (a key part of this song!). The performance of Wild Thing is at the end of the video.

The ear training video on intervals is part of, a website that I created with my friend Marcus Emmanuel Barnes.

One response to “New Composition – Wild Thing (by Geoff Peters)”

  1. Nice song. Just passing by trying to learn some music theory so thanks for that! Most useful 🙂
    Just wanted to send a note to say how much i (unexpectedly) like your composition.
    Best wishes.

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