Working on original tune – Joy

I wrote a tune last fall which is my most harmonically advanced as of yet… it’s called Joy and I recorded it in a pretty hasty recording session last weekend (click here to listen). My bass playing friend Jason said that this tune is the most difficult to play of all the tunes I have written, and I agree, but I worked on it a bit today and I am starting to understand it better now. Funny how I have to spend hours teaching myself my own tune!! Anyways, today I worked on learning the tune without music (the whole practice was done without the chord chart) and figuring out the way I like to voice the head in a solo piano context.  The next step will be to get even more familiar with the chords so that I can freely solo over the changes.

 For a PDF copy of my lead sheet (chords and melody written out) please click here.

To listen to my practice in midi format please click below:

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