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  • Difference between Sour Milk and Spoiled Milk – Food Tips

    From my friend A.C., a great dining companion who is a fountain of knowledge about certain subjects… Long forgotten fact: Sour milk is 100% SAFE to drink. Spoiled milk is not. Sour and spoiled are not the same, and spoiled milk is not always sour. What do you think yogurt, sour cream, and cottage cheese […]

  • Project Empty Bowl fundraiser event info, July 7th 2011

    PROJECT EMPTY BOWL presented by Coast Capital Savings to support A Loving Spoonful: providing free nutritious food for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS. Thursday, July 7th, 2011 – 6:30 pm at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel Gourmet cuisine served in a hand-crafted souvenir bowl (yours to keep) Master of Ceremonies: Deborra Hope, Global […]

  • Some fun Youtube Video mashups from

    Monkey Taunts Tigers and Spiderman Theme – Instant Mashup Generator Dalai Lama Interview and Mcferrin Don’t Worry Be Happy – Instant Mashup Generator

  • My Contact Lens Eye Redness Problems solved!!

    For the last 3 years I have been wearing contact lenses instead of glasses. I love them, as I found that glasses don’t look very good on me – and people now remark that I have beautiful eyes. Thanks people! But in the last 9 months I have had chronic redness in one of my […]

  • Idea / Invention: Music recordings that sound different on each play

    I had a neat idea as I was driving to a gig. I get really fed up with the recordings (stack of cd’s) in my car as I’ve listened to them so many times, and every time I listen to them, they are the same! I thought, why not make a recording that sounds different […]

  • (offtopic) Discussion about sports trading cards

    Here is a discussion between my friend Alvenh Channe and some facebook friends about the value of sports trading cards that we collected in the 80’s and 90’s. Hey Guys, Just curious, did any of you ever collect baseball/hockey/football/basketball cards back in the 80’s-90’s? Also, has anyone ever bought Magic The Gathering cards (a.k.a. “Magic […]

  • (offtopic) Transformer Basics – by Alvenh Channe

    I just wanted to answer some of the questions you’ve had earlier about the electronics stuff. I’m sorry I didn’t have the time to sit down to explain. So, let us begin with a discussion of transformer basics… What is a transformer? There are many different types of transformers, but basically, a transformer is simply […]