Ear Training Video on Identifying Chords

My friend Marcus and I created an ear training video on identifying chords. It’s available at EarPractice, on Youtube, or by using the player below.

In the video I play a series of chords on the piano and after each one, pause for the viewer to identify the kind of chord (such as Major, minor, dominant-seventh) and the key (such as C, A, etc), before revealing the answer. This is a useful exercise and is something you can do with a friend too, once you get the idea.

One response to “Ear Training Video on Identifying Chords”

  1. Great idea to make a Youtube video for ear training. Having good aural skills is a fundamental part of being a good musician!
    When your needs grow, have a look at the various ear training software available. There are several free ear trainers on the internet and some excellent commercial programs too.

    Best regards,
    Hans Jakobsen
    EarMaster ear training software

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